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"Greatest service to the industry since programmed compensation plans and $1,000 Commissions." - Beau R. Arkansas
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Bridging the Gap Between Success and Your Success
Welcome to a premier service birthed from a place where we heard these comments all day everyday.
I don't know what I am doing.
I don't know how to see my commissions.
I don't know what to do everyday.
I don't know how to copy and paste.
I don't know how to get on the Facebook group.
I don't know what I need.
I don't know where to send traffic.
I don't know where I should spend money for traffic.
I don't know how to read my back office stats.
I don't know what a conversion is.
I don't know anything about social media.
I don't know how to get paid.
I don't know what eWallet is.
I don't want to be left alone.
I don't know what details need to be taken care of.
I don't know how to get Skype.
I don't know how to get to my back office.
I don't know how to hook up my websites.
I don't know who to trust for traffic generation.
I don't know which website converts the best.
I don't know when and how I am going to get paid.
I don't know when the TMA calls are.
I feel like every business leaves me on an island high and dry...
So we responded with a service from the heart for our clients who we have personally coached and whose success we care about as much as our own. The My Traffic Secretary is your very own “do it for me because I don’t know how” right here, right now service – built just for you by your coach!

Make Sure Your Paid
• E-wallet and Payment Setup
Traffic Done For You
• Top Tested Affiliate Links
Back office Walk Through
• Understanding Functions and Features
Facebook Group / Skype Setup
• Interact, Connect and stay Plugged In!
Ongoing Support
• Saving You Valuable Time and Money
Daily Method of Operation
Organize Your Appointments
Keeping You On Track
Takes Care Of Details
No Wasted Marketing Dollars
Maximize Traffic Coach Time
Ongoing Long Term Support

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