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          "Greatest service to the industry since programmed compensation plans and $1,000 Commissions." - Beau R. Arkansas
Here's What My Traffic Secretary Can Do For Your Business
The My Traffic Secretary is a unique service designed to assist you with the transition from your 21 Steps to actual Traffic Generation. We help you fine-tune the details that matter to your bottom line, from lead conversion, to opt in rates, to staying informed, navigating through your back office and grasping social media -we'll help you operate more effectively. Your My Traffic Secretary will personally walk you hand in hand through the setup, installation and usage of Skype, Facebook, bookmarks, community involvement, login details, opt-in links, getting paid with eWallet, conversions, impressions, daily method of operation, goal setting and much more!
If you are brand new to owning and operating an online business and the transition to starting the marketing process and knowing what to do next seems overwhelming - we are here to help. We offer personalized service, patience, expertise and ongoing support you can count on while you are growing your business and learning the How To's.
Perform like an "A" player with us at your side. We make you look good even when you don't have a clue what your doing. This service was built by your coaches who know what you need even when you don't. With a combined 75 years of coaching, high-end internet direct sales and business development, we know the difference organization makes..
Pricing: My Traffic Secretary Service Details
Over $500 in value
Ongoing Support For as Long as you need us
Vision Board Support
Daily Affirmations of Your Goals
Skype Installation and Verification
Facebook Group Connecting
Traffic Coach Preparation
MOBE Backoffice Walk Through
Traffic Masters Academy Walk Through
Username/Passwords Storage
Leads, Conversions and Commissions
Top Affiliate Links to Market
Where to Access Leads
Getting Paid with eWallet
Bookmarks and Safe Storage
Detailed Daily Method of Operation
Q & A Support
Ongoing Secretarial Support
The Details Do Matter.
$99 Ongoing Support (Billed Monthly)
Experience the Difference.

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